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QR Code

A unified communication interface for guests to seamlessly communicate with the hotel staff, administration and other stake holders.

Your guests can now connect seamlessly to your hotel without the need for downloading any application on their mobile. Guests can simply scan a QR code placed in their rooms with their mobile phones to be able to access user dashboard through the browser.

  • Browser Based User Interface
  • Unified Communication Interface
  • Order Food and Other Services
  • Express Check-in & Check-out

WhatsApp Bot

Engage ith your guests n real time with WhatsApp bot

An integrated WhatsApp bot platform wherein your hotel guests can communicate with the hotel staff, administrator and other stakeholders theough the WhatsApp bot.

  • Instantly Connect Guests with Staff
  • Rich & Enhanced Guest Experience
  • Automated Request and Task Flow
  • Broadcast Offers and Notifications

AI Voice Assistant

Engage with your hostel guests with human like conversations using Eazyroom's voice assistant powered by AI & ML. Make conversations interactional, intelligent and engaging.

  • Natural Human like Conversations
  • Omni-channel Voice Communication
  • Multi Language Conversation Support
  • 24*7 Availability for Guests

Our Clients Feedbacks


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  • Do I need to configure Eazyrooms for my hotel myself?
    Our team will help you in configuration of your hotel and provide basic training to your staff.
  • Do the guests have to download any mobile application?
    No! Your guests do not need to download any application to use the platform. Eazyrooms provides a browser based dashboard to communicate with your staff.
  • Do I have to integrate Eazyrooms with my PMS?
    Eazyrooms integrates with your PMS directly so that you can seamlessly access guest information and requests.
  • Can all the departments in our hotel use Eazyrooms?
    Absolutely! Every department can use Eazyrooms to manage their day-to-day operations.